Big Boi’s ‘Boomiverse’ Goes Hard or Nah?

First thing’s first: let me start by apologizing for this late post on Big Boi’s latest release, Boomiverse.  The album was released on June 16th–nearly two months ago.  I listened and I thought it was impressive.  Shortly after, I began to do a write up on it, but for some reason I didn’t finish and it got lost in the shuffle (drafts).  However, today, I got a reminder when Daddy Fat Sacks dropped the video for “Chocolate,” a single off the album.

Sadly, the world may never see a new OutKast album, however we must give praise to Big Boi for his vow to keep the show going, even if it’s a one man show.

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With his 3rd solo release, Big Boi keeps the 808 booming in Boomiverse.  He’s sticking to the formula that made all of the OutKast albums dope, which was outside of the box-creativity.  For example: the aforementioned, “Chocolate” is a stretch of the imagination from anything you would normally see in the Hip Hop genre–but not for Big Boi.

Now at OG status, Daddy Fat Sacks is in full teaching mode.  In “Order of Operation,” he gave us financial consultancy via rap.

“Looking like the lotto my n***a, but we don’t flash it, I balled throughout my twenties, by thirty, see I was stashing.”

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Some of the artists to make the guest list were Jeezy, Killer Mike, Gucci Mane, Curren$y, Sleepy Brown, and a posthumous hook from Pimp C.  Some of the producers listed were Organize Noize, Scott Storch, DJ Dahi, and Dr. Luke.

With his first two albums, Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty and Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and now, Boomiverse, it proves that Big Boi has no plans of slowing down.

You guys give it a listen–if you haven’t already–and tell us what you think.




Big Boi’s ‘Boomiverse’ Goes Hard or Nah?

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