(2016) ‘Just Win, Baby!’ -Mixtapes By HHAD

In 2016, HipHop-Album-Debate & My Music Passions, HHAD’s parent company, released our first mixtape, Just Win Baby! Hosted by: Quartez G “Da Head of State” & DJ BlackBerry

The HHAD team reached out to some of the dopest up and coming artists for contributions. Also, we thought it was necessary to plugged in a few Southern legends with Dirty, Pastor Troy, and Lil Burn One to help make it complete.

Be on the look out for our second installment Just Win Baby–Down by 2 soon.

If you’re an indie artist and you want your music featured on our site, send your music and cover art to mymusic@hiphop-album-debate.com to be in the HHAD Music Store.