(TBT-’90s) Common Murdered Ice Cube in “The Bitch In Yoo” or Nah?

When it comes to diss records, BDP’s “South Bronx,” Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline,” and 2Pac’s “Hit ’em Up” are some of the tracks that raised the bar. However, there were many that were dope, but either went unnoticed under the radar or simply gotten thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Speaking of the latter, Common’s “Bitch In Yoo” comes to mind.

“Bitch In You” was aimed at West Coast legend, Ice Cube and his group mates, Mack 10 and WC as a response to their “Westside Slaughterhouse.”

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Of course, the beef didn’t start out of nowhere. The misunderstanding came when the West Coast artists took offense to a few bars from Common’s 1994 hit, “I Used to Love H.E.R.”–a track using a woman as a metaphor to portray the evolution of Hip Hop.

“Now black music is black music and it’s all good, I wasn’t salty she was with the boys in the hood. Cause that was good for her, she was becomin’ well-rounded, I thought it was dope how she was on that freestyle sh*t.”

According to a later interview, Cube read between the lines.

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“He was talking about this girl that he was so in love with–she’s suppose to be Hip Hop–he so in love with her, when she come out here, she get f*cked up,” Ice Cube said.

Mack 10 agreed.

“What you mean n****? Why it was cool everywhere else it went, but when it came over here, it’s f*cked up now!”

The mutual agreement birth “Westside Slaughterhouse.”

Out of character and a need to defend himself, Common responded.

“A b*tch n***a with an attitude named Cube, stepped to the Com with a fued. Now, what the fuck I look like dissing a whole coast, you ain’t made shit dope since AmeriKKKa’s Most.”

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Initially, I thought Common was insane for going at Cube. My thought was: he must haven’t heard of “No Vaseline?” However, I thought he responded well. One YouTube user took even further.

“Common destroyed Cube…..plain and simple. Anybody who says otherwise is a f*cking fool.” -Anonymous

Of course, the two rappers have made peace, music, and movies since then. But for the record, did Common do any damage?



Common murdered Ice Cube in “The Bitch In Yoo” or nah?

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Yes! -75%

Nah. -25%