Should Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize Be Paid Homage for Contributions as a Hookman?

When you think of the ascendant Southern Hip Hop during the late ’90s and ’00s, the recognition is often given to the artists. However, what about the producers? What about Organized Noize?? What about Sleepy Brown, the soul singer and one-third of Organized Noize???

Aside from being a skilled beatsmith, Sleepy Brown’s silky-smooth vocals, similar to the soul-legend, Curtis Mayfield, could be heard on many big records such as OutKast’s “Player’s Ball,” “So Fresh, So Clean,” “The Way You Move,” Ludacris’ “Saturday (Oooh, Ooooh),” and his own track, “I Can’t Wait,” among others.

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From the aforementioned, it’s quite notable that Sleepy adds more value anytime he laces a track–much similar to the late Nate Dogg. However, Sleepy rarely gets mentioned in the same sentence.

In terms of vocal abilities, I always thought Nate and Sleepy were on the same level. Reportedly, during the peak of Nate’s career, he was getting $150k a hook.  I wonder has Sleepy ever gotten that much? He definitely sing on his share of hits.

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For the record, I’m not singling out Sleepy as a producer. Him, Rico Wade, and Ray Murray, gave the production that help backed Andre’s famous “the South got something to say” line. As a production team, they’re definitely unsung

To further back up that claim, they have a resume that consists of OutKast, Goodie Mob, TLC, Ludacris, and 2Chainz. In addition, they produced Atlanta booty music legend Kilo Ali’s timeless album, Organized Bass.

The group would finally be recognized on the 2016 documentary The Art of Organized Noized.

But back to the hookman–what you guys think?

Also, check out an interview with Complex Interview, where Sleepy talks about how him and his production brothers walked away from an Interscope deal worth $20 million. #LetsDebate




Should Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize be paid homage for contributions as a hookman?

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Yes! -Unanimously

No, because he hasn’t did much. -0%