Fabolous & Jadakiss’ ‘Friday On Elm Street’; Goes Hard or Nah?

A few weeks ago (November 24), Fabolous & Jadakiss join forces to release, Friday On Elm Street. Obviously, the album’s title is inspired by the ’80s horror film franchises, Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th. To follow through with the concept, Fab plays the role as Freddie Krueger while Jada is Jason Voorhees.

This wouldn’t be the first time two big names would come together to create a project. Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne and Future & Drake’s What A Time To Be Alive are two of many that comes to mind. Like the aforementioned, I didn’t know what to expect prior to listening. Through my experiences, I found out that just because two dope names come together doesn’t necessarily mean the album will work. Personally, I think Fab and Jada delivered.

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Fab’s opening bars in, “F vs. J Intro” immediately captured my ears and held them for randsom.

“Yeah, it’s getting spooky out here, All the Nino Browns done turned Pookie out her,” Fab raps.

Jada’s verse maintained captivity.

“I’m dead wrong, you wanna live, I can’t let you. You at full speed, I’m walking, I still catch you. Mr. Voorhees, good looking, I destroy these, these n****s ain’t bosses, they workers and employees.”

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In era where rappers pushed the narrative of having money means everything, Fab and Jada insist it’s about “Principles.”

“There’s principles involved, these rules apply to all. It’s never ’bout the money, it’s never ’bout the money.”

Artists such as Future, Swizz Beats, Yo Gotti, Jeezy, French Montana, Teyana Taylor, and Jada’s The Lox brother, Styles P made the guest list.

Swizz Beats and Neo da Matrix, among others assisted with the production.

You guys give it a listen–if you haven’t already–and tell us what you think.




Fabolous & Jadakiss’ ‘Friday On Elm Street’; goes hard or nah?

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