Which Album Goes the Hardest; ‘Tru 2 Da Game’ or ‘How You Luv That (1&2)’?

When it comes to putting two albums against each other, I try to make sure they are legitimately equal. For example, I would never put Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die against Craig Mack’s Project: Funk da World. Not to take anything away from Craig Mack because, lyrically, he was dope, but there’s no comparison between the two albums.

Initially, that was my feelings towards “Tru’s Tru 2 Da Game vs  Big Tymer’s How You Luv That.” The former was a double-disc album (23 tracks), it was 2x Platinum (over 2 millions sales) and it reached number 8 and number 2 on the Billboard 200 and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, respectively. While the latter was a single disc (18 tracks), it was 1x Platinum (over 1 millions sales), and it reached number 105 and number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 and the Heatseekers Albums, respectively.

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Statically, it seems to be no comparison, but the more I think about their signature sounds, the role both albums played for their respective label/hoods, and New Orleans, the more I think it would be a hell of a debate. Additionally, the labels were always penned together, so I think their music would be the true way to settle it.

With TRU, which comprised of brothers Master P, Silkk the Shocker, and C-Murder, it was all about the No Limit tank. Their allegiance could be heard in Tru 2 Da Game’s second track, “No Limit Soldiers.”

“I’m a No Limit motherf*ckin’ soldier ’til I die, we run this place and I say the same sh*t with a gun up in my face,” C-Murder raps.

Aside from that, TRU and it’s No Limit supporting cast used songs like “FEDz,” “I Got Candy,” and “Pop Goes My 9” to give us a street visual of the crime riddle city that earned the title, “Murder Capitol.”

Despite the violence they rapped about, the album was infused with the “New Orleans bounce” which orchestrated songs that you could dance to. “Freak Hoes” was sure to filled the dance floor.

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No Limit’s in-house producers KLC, Craig B., and Mo. B. Dick, collectively known as Beats By The Pound, provided the sound, which to me, was a match made in Heaven. Or as P stated in “There Dey Go”: “never should of put my rhymes with KLC, Craig B., Mo B. Dick, swamp n*gga gold.”

P and his No Limit artists reign supreme in The Big Easy, however, Cash Money Records, their down the street rivals, demanded a share of the spotlight. In order to do it, they had to offer something different from the No Limit tank–and they did: “Ball to you fall is the Cash Money motto.”

CMR via Big Tymers’ How You Luv That (1&2) showed a different lifestyle of New Orleans, a vision that was way more extravagant. To me, it was like No Limit was Prince and Cash Money was Morris Day. In fact, “Beautiful” reminded me of Morris Day & The Time’s “Cool.”

Songs like “Stun’n,” “Cutlass, Monte Carlo’s & Regals,” and “Millionaire Dream” painted a better looking picture of New Orleans.

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How You Luv That was promoted by lead single, “Big Ballin’.”

“Ballin everyday popin’ Dom P bottles, Ball til ya fall is the Cash Money motto. Flashy cars, pretty broads, the word uptown we bought these cars. For girls, I bought pretty jewels with new shoes, with tatoos, a Cash Money motto do what you gotta do.” -Baby

No, the lyrics weren’t the best, but it worked. In addition, the album was gangsta, but not to the extent of Tru 2 Da Game. Baby and Mannie were having fun.

Also, Mannie gain notoriety for creating dope intros on numerous Cash Money albums as he did on How You Luv That.

*Note: How You Luv That Vol. 1 was released in 1997. When Cash Money signed the distribution deal with Universal, they re-released the album as How You Luv That Vol. 2 in March 1998.

You have two albums released in the same year that possessed two different sounds, yet come from the same city. Who you guys got?




Which album goes the hardest; ‘Tru 2 Da Game’ or ‘How You Luv That (1&2)’?

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Tru 2 Da Game -88%

How You Luv That (1&2) -12%