Which is Nas’ Worst Album?

About this time last year, we ran a debate asking: “Which Nas Album Goes the Hardest?” I was amazed at how diverse the comments were.  Even more surprised at the poll results. Hint: ILLmatic did not win. Nastradamus, Nas’ fourth album, has always gotten flack, yet some hand picked it as being their favorite. On the flip side of the coin, Hip Hop is Dead and Untitled received no votes. Does that mean those were his worst? That prompt the question: Which is Nas’ worst album?

You guys take a glance at the previous article below and tell us which album you think is Nas’ worst.

Which Nas Album Goes the Hardest?

Nas has had a storied career for sure.  He’s had longevity in the rap game, married & divorced an R&B beauty, & held his own in one of Hip Hop’s biggest beefs.  That alone will always keep his name in the topic of discussions among Hip Hop heads in years to come.

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As Nasty Nas, he began his music career as a featured artist on Main Source’s 1991-track “Live at the Barbeque” which was from their debut, Breaking Atoms.  Nas was spitting hot bars like: “I melt mics to the sound waves over, before stepping to me you’d rather step to Jehovah.”  He kept the heat coming on MC Serch’s 1992’s “Back to the Grill.”  Serch acting as his manager, would secure him a deal with Columbia Records.

By this time, a hot name on New York City’s Hip Hop scene, Nas would become under a bigger radar with the release of his debut, Illmatic in 1994.  In “NY State of Mind,” one of the more popular songs on the album, he gives us the gritty side of a city that’s mostly known for fashion & bright lights.  This album also introduced us to AZ, another dope emcee.

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Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “beginner’s luck.”  It Was Written, Nas’ second release, would reveal that he knew no knowledge of such words.  It would be a banger as well.  It featured the hit, “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That).”  Additionally, this album put Nas in front of a much wider audience.

Critics and fans didn’t feel the same about I Am… and Nastradumas though.  Contrary to popular belief, I thought the latter went hard.  “Project Window” and “You Owe Me” featuring Ron Isley and Genuine, respectively, were my jams.

By 2001, to some, Nas had fallen off.  There were some uncertainty surrounding Nas’ fifth release, Stillmatic.  That was until the feud with Jay-Z sparked a resurgent.  Some even credit Jigga’s diss, “Take Over” for getting Nas back to the emcee we beloved in the first place.  “Ether,” Nas’ rebuttal, is the reason why Hip Hop heads are still debating about who won the battle.  The album would peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 and over 2 million in sales.

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Nas’ later releases were all considered a success.  He’s one of the few rappers that could successfully mimic the Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear concept for his Life is Good album cover.  I thought that was cool for him to have Kelis’ dress on his lap.  Especially, after their much publicized break.

According to DJ Khaled’s track, “Nas Album Done,” well, the track speaks for itself.  The banger showcases Nas as an emcee that hasn’t lost a step.  In addition, the lyrics were empowering.   Hell, one can’t help but be anxious for the release.  But until then, we’ll debate about what he’s released thus far.


Which Nas Album goes the hardest?

[Polls Are Closed!!]

It Was Written 36%

Illmatic 31%

Stillmatic 17%

Life is Good 6%

Street’s Disciple 4%

God’s Son 4%

I Am… 2%

Nastradamus 1%

Hip Hop is Dead 0%

Untitled 0%




Which is Nas’ worst album?

[Polls Are Closed!!]

Untitled -50%

Nastradamus -50%

Illmatic -0%

Hip Hop is Dead -0%

Street’s Disciple -0%

God’s Son -0%

STILLmatic -0%

I Am… -0%

It Was Written -0%

Life is Good -0%