(Sports Debate) Got Triple-Double Seasons “Back to Back”; Should We Crown Westbrook As the Best PG?

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is one of the best to ever play at his position. But is he the best to play the position?

OKC finished the regular season with a respectable 48-34 record and a 4th seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. That would come courtesy of a business as usual approach from the reigning MVP as he finishes another historic season with an average of 25.1 PPG, 10.1 AST, & 10.0 REB.

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Is it too early to start calling Westbrook the greatest point guard of all time? Maybe, maybe not. Does he have a ring? No. Well, at least not yet. However, Westbrook joined Oscar Robertson last season as the only players to average a triple-double in an entire season. Now, he’s the only player in NBA 72-league history to average a triple-double consecutive seasons.

The stats are mind blowing no doubt, but what’s most impressive is the love Westbrook has for the game–something you wouldn’t find in a stat book. He plays with passion and never takes a play off. In addition, he’s a stand up guy in which he showed Wednesday night (April 11) when he asked the OKC fans to join him in standing ovation for Nick Collison, OKC’s veteran center who is reportedly contemplating retiring after this season.

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Westbrook does unbelievable things on and off the court leading some to say he’s the greatest point guard of all time. Let’s debate! Tell me what you think! #HHSD?




Is Russell Westbrook the greatest point guard ever to play in the NBA?

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Yes! -67%

No. It’s too early in his career. -33%

No, but he will be if he gets a ring. -0%