Blog & Reasons

HHAD believes “the people’s” voices should be heard.  Who are “the people?”  The people are you, me, & the other millions of music fans across the globe.  And majority rule!  You learned that in your social studies class, remember??


Right now hiphop is currently under dictatorship by the press & mainstream media, but in the beginning this clearly wasn’t the case.  Back then if the people(the fans) thought an artist were dope, your records got played and your albums got bought.


HHAD plans are to take it back to that exact format, in other words we haven’t forgotten where we come from.  So yes this is a damn democracy!  If you’re what we call a mainstream artist(s) or an up and coming artist(s), this site allows the people to DECIDE if your music is hot or not, or was your video really sexually overboard or just beautiful creativity, not DICTATE!


Now, you may wonder does HHAD has any beef with the press and mainstream media.  Of course not,  but we’re not please with the way our music industry government is currently being ran.  So if there’s no changes made soon we will be force to overthrow the government!